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Billing and Meter Accessibility

Payments are due prior to the start of the next billing period. Meter reading starts around the 14th day of February, April, June, August, October and December and continues through the end of the month. Please remember to keep your meter clear and accessible during this time. District policy requires your meter to be clear and accessible and free of all obstruction with a minimum radius of two feet around and six feet above at all times.
Billing Dates
Utility billing for Cross Valley Water District customers are bi-monthly. Our billing dates run from:
  • 12/31/YR—02/28/YR
  • 02/28/YR—04/30/YR
  • 04/30/YR—06/30/YR
  • 06/30/YR—08/31/YR
  • 08/31/YR—10/31/YR
  • 10/31/YR—12/31/YR
The District has adopted a special meter access charge for each instance your meter is found to be obstructed by items such as tall grass, blackberry bushes, trees, overhanging low limbs, landscaping, rockery, fences (either in front of or over the meter), parked vehicles, gravel, beauty bark, etc. Please provide a SAFE and DIRECT access to your water meter. If you are unsure of where your meter is, feel free to contact our office for assistance. We appreciate the efforts made by our customers.

To view a copy of the Rate Chart effective March 1, 2017, open the PDF file: 2017 Current Rate Chart PDF icon
To view a copy of the Water Rate Study Summary on the Adopted Rates, open the PDF file: Water Rate Study Summary on Adopted Rates PDF icon

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