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Setting the District's Conservation Goal

Recycle PictureBefore January 22, 2008, Cross Valley Water District, along with all other public water providers in the State of Washington, will be required to set a goal for Water Use Efficiency, as required by the Municipal Water Law enacted in 2003. A Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Program will reduce average household or business water use in the District, in order to prolong the availability of water resources. The District has developed an attainable goal for water savings that will need to be reached collectively by you, our customers, and by District Staff.

To read further please download the PDF File PDF icon CVWUE Goal Bulletin

The following kits are available in the office:
  • Indoor Conservation Kit
  • Outdoor Conservation Kit
  • Leak Detection Tablets
  • Newsletter or Conservation
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Watering Calendar

Prevent Water and Money From Going Down the Drain

It is not uncommon for leaky toilets to lose hundreds of gallons of water per day. Learn how to fix and repair your toilets. Just click on this link to begin your training today.

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Washwise Assistance Program

Have you recently, or are you planning on purchasing a new washing machine? You may want to consider an energy efficient machine. Visit the Wash Wise Assistance site to find out which models qualify for the $50.00 wash wise assistance program with Cross Valley Water District. Feel free to contact our office either by phone or email for more information.

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It's only a little drip!

Did you know that a small drip can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day? Unfortunately you may not always hear a leaky toilet. A leaking toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. If you think your toilet may have a leak, contact our office for free dye leak detection tablets.

Conservation Garden

Cross Valley Landscaping

The landscaping at Cross Valley Water District was designed and developed to not only conserve water but to promote healthy soils as well.

WALP Landscape Award
Foresight, Inc. received the 2001 WALP Landscape Award for the landscape design at Cross Valley Water District Headquarters Facility.
Foresight's special focus of concernis water quality. One of the most important ways to protect our water quality is with proper soils preparation. This is achieved with the use of organic fertilizers and fewer chemicals, all of which encourage growth of microorganisms in the soil. With the right balance of microorganisms this helps bring the soil "alive" which encourage vigorous growth, water retention and good drainage as well as providing the filtering ability to remove pollutants, reduce diseases and pests.

About the Conservation Garden

This conservation garden is part of an environmentally sensitive and responsible approach for detaining runoff. This is a re-circulating year round drainage system and pond located at the main entrance of our building. This stream receives the storm run-off water of the storm retention system. The water comes from the runoff of the rockery located at the west side of the building. From there it is filtered as it travels across the front of the building, underneath the entrance way and then settles in the re-circulating pond at the east side of the building.

Garden picture 1 Garden picture 2 Garden picture 3

This stream receives storm runoff and passes thru to this re-circulating pond.

From there it is filtered as it travels across the front of the building, underneath the entrance way and then settles in the re-circulating pond at the east side of the building.

Garden picture tree The Cross Valley Water District Parking area was designed around this old Japanese Maple tree to preserve and enhance the beauty of this tree. The landscaping beneath the tree consists of drought tolerant plant material along with soil amendments to reduce water usage as well as improve water quality.

For more on conservation, Lawn and Landscaping information visit the Conservation and Natural Lawn care web site.

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