District Adjustment Process


The Cross Valley Water District has a policy that may provide relief for customers that have a leak that occurred in their service line. “Water leakage” is defined as a physical break, malfunction, or failure that unintentionally allows water to escape the private plumbing system, resulting in 24-hour continuous consumption at a minimum. Qualifying leaks are in the service line or was otherwise undetectable to the customer and promptly repaired. A leakage credit can only be granted once every 4 years on an account and the request must be made by the property owner. The credit will be calculated using the formula established by District policy, see CVWDC 9.05.360. This credit is a partial credit and will not reduce your bill back to its normal amount. 

It is important to note your bill is still due on the due date and subject to delinquency charges if not paid.

We do not reimburse customers for any parts they may have purchased or any plumbing/repair bills which they have incurred. The leak must be repaired and verified by a Cross Valley Water District employee before this request will be considered.


  1. A physical break, malfunction, or failure that unintentionally allows water to escape the private plumbing system, and 
  2. Results in 24-hour continuous consumption at a minimum.


The water leakage must be repaired within 30 days of discovery.

“Discovery” is defined as the property owner’s actual knowledge of the water leakage, the District’s notification to the property owner of a possible leak by door tag, or the property owner’s receipt of a bill indicating higher than average water consumption.

“Repair” is defined as the customer’s damaged and/or defective part that caused the leak to occur has been removed and/or replaced and/or rehabilitated correcting the water loss. Simply turning off a valve to the damaged area to stop the water loss does not qualify as a repair.  


  1. Take Pictures at the time of the leak and of the repair.
  2. Compile a document stating the circumstances of the leak and repair. (When/how you discovered the leak, how it was repaired, including dates)
  3. Keep receipts of any items you purchased to make the repair. This also applies if you hired a plumber or contractor. (if available)
  4. Please call the office when you are ready to have our personnel verify that the 24-hour continuous consumption has stopped.  
  5. After the District has completed the verification, a letter and the Leakage Adjustment Request Form will be provided to the property owner by mail or email.   
  6. Complete the Leakage Adjustment Request Form that was provided to you. 
  7. Return all information to be submitted to the office within 60 days of the discovery.
    1. Photos (1)
    2. Explanation of the leakage (2)
    3. Documentation of the repair, if available (3)
  8. District staff will review the account and choose the billing period/Date for your credit to be applied to. Typically, the billing period the leak occurred in.  
  9. District staff will notify the property owner of the credit amount applied to the account.

 Please note the adjustment process requires 3 bills to complete. 

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