Developer Extensions

Cross Valley Water District is a special purpose District and works with Developers/ Property owners to extend existing water and sewer mains.  We are here to assist and make sure that the District design and construction standards are being met. Coordination with the District is also required whenever a development activity modifies or improvements are made to properties.

Developer Extension Agreements are used for water and sewer main extensions and maybe used for fire hydrant extensions/ relocations, fire sprinkler vaults, water service connections for short plats that connect off an existing water main, and new side sewer connections.

A Developer Extension Agreement is a contract between the District and a developer or property owner to construct water and/or sewer facilities on property owned by the developer, and in roads, easements, or other rights of way described in an approved application (RCW 57.22).  

If you wish to establish a Developer Extension Agreement with the District, this form will get you started with the process. Please contact the District at 360-668-6766 or email Develop with any questions.

Service Inquiry

The inquiry form provides the opportunity for the District to review the proposed development project, requested connection to the system, or improvements / modifications to properties and inform the applicant of water and sewer connection conditions. On this form you may also request Availability certificates, which are required by the building permit authority.


A Developer Extension Agreement follows the District's process. A brief summary is below. View the Checklist for a quick reference and complete list.

  1. DE Pre-Process
  2. Phase 1- Design and Approval
  3. Phase 2 - Construction
  4. Phase 3 - Service Connection
  5. Phase 4- Completion

A completed Service Inquiry form is received and reviewed. If an extension is required a pre-application and agreement meeting is held to discuss the requirements and review of proposed preliminary construction plans.