Pressure or Flow

You may ask yourself "What happened to my water pressure?" It could be two different issues:

  • A failed water pressure reducing device (or pressure reducing valve (PRV))
  • The restriction of water flow (usually a pipe problem)

Pressure Issue

Have you had a sudden, dramatic change in pressure throughout your whole house? A failed pressure reducing device (PRV), is usually the issue.

PRV’s are installed on your plumbing system to protect your fixtures, appliances and pipes. The Uniform Plumbing Code requires a pressure reducing device on any home receiving pressure of 80 pounds per square inch, or greater. Typically the device is installed at the time of construction, located behind the water meter on your service line, in the garage/utility room, or near the water tank at the customers expense.  


  • Contact the office at 360-668-6766 to request a pressure check.
  • Do it yourself - A PRV can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores. 
  • Hire a licensed plumber or contractor. 
  • Take a pressure reading at an outside hose bib. 
  • Try to adjust the PRV.
    • Most PRV’s have an adjustment screw located on the top of the device. Turning it clockwise increases the pressure. Turning it counter-clockwise decreases the pressure. If the pressure does not change while making the adjustment then there is a good chance your PRV needs repairs or has failed.

The District has many different pressure zones, which are engineered areas defined by topography to supply all customers with adequate pressure.   

Flow Issue

Does water surge when first turned on, then suddenly reduce? This is characteristic of a flow issue.


  • Check all valves on your plumbing to see that they are fully opened.  
  • In cases with galvanized plumbing (common for homes built before 1970), internal buildup from corrosion can inhibit water flow through the pipe. 
    • Signs of corrosion include a yellowish tinge to the water or grit in faucet screens
    • The recommended solution is to replace aging pipes with newer material.

Pressure Reducing Valve