Billing Schedule

  • Due Date is the 10th of the even months. (February, April, June, August, October, and December) CVWDC 9.05.090
  • The Late Payment Penalty Charge will be added the day after the due date. CVWDC 9.05.130
  • Autopay draft date is the 20th of the odd months. (January, March, May, July, September, November) CVWDC 9.05.120

This information is depicted in the table below:

Bill DateDue DateLate ChargeAutopay Draft
December 31February 10February 11January 20
February 28April 10April 11March 20
April 30June 10June 11May 20
June 30August 10August 11July 20
August 31October 10October 11September 20
October 31December 10December 11November 20

Billing measurements

Cross Valley bills in 100 cubic feet.  The table shows cubic feet to gallons. 

Cubic Feet Equals Gallons
= 7.48
100 = 748

Water charges

Cross Valley charges consumption on a tiered rate structure. The higher the tier that water consumption falls into, the greater the rate per 100 cubic foot.  For more information on the current rates see the Rates page.  This information is depicted in the table below:

Tiers Rate Increase 
0 - 1,500 cuft $
1,501 - 3,000 cuft $$
3,001 - 6,000 cuft $$$
6,001 + $$$$