Water Status Change

The District gives two options to change the status of your account. 

  1. Request to lock off a meter
  2. Terminate service and remove meter

Request to Lock off a Meter

This is a good option if a house is vacant for an extended period of time, or the service line is not connected to the meter. 

Your water meter will be locked off and unable to use. The account will remain active and still receive Bimonthly bills for the current base rate as a minimum, as long as, your meter is locked off and there is zero consumption.   

Your account will be charged the service termination charge to lock off the meter and the reactivation charge to unlock and reinstate the service. The account must be paid in full before the service is reinstated. The account is still subject to the delinquent account policy.  

Terminate Service & Remove Meter

Your water service will be disconnected permanently from the District’s system and your account will be terminated. Terminated accounts will be billed through the termination date, including all District charges to terminate the service. See CVWDC 9.05.420 for policy on discontinuance and recommencement of water service for further explanation and calculation of charges.   

If you require future water service, the Water Service Inquiry Form (PDF) will need to be completed and charges will apply.

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